Monochrome Sympathy

212 eur

Cotton, wool or synthetic fiber mix. 

The subtle approach to audacity. 

Soft touch, flattering design. 

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999 eur

Superheroes have many faces. 

 So does this dress!


Everything you see black is a zipper

and the sleeves are detachable.

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Eclectic Overdose

292 eur

100% cotton + 100% wool 

100% soul shaker  

3D design, crafted in one piece

(no stitches) 

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Silent Beat

191 eur

Cotton, wool or synthetic fiber mix. 

Made for daily disruption. 

Only for the bold.

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Royal Riot

313 eur

Synthetic soft or pure wool fiber

mixed with wearable crochet art

The back tells a 3D story, one of deep forest magic. Curious?  

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Blurred Maze

222 eur

Soft touch, soft color, subtle induction. 

Strong synergy. 

100% synthetic fiber 

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Soft Delusion

202 eur

One story, 8 big yarns, one crochet and 82 hours of handcraft. 


Cotton or synthetic fibers. 

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White Wish

1888 eur

Cotton, 3D crochet design,

embellished with 

500 Swarovski Crystals.

Collection centerpiece. 

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